Best back-up cameras for your car

Need help parking your car? Most vehicles come standard with a back-up camera these days, but for those without, you can easily purchase one of these popular car accessories and get greater visibility while you drive. Editors independently...

Best back-up cameras for your car
Need help parking your car? Most vehicles come standard with a back-up camera these days, but for those without, you can easily purchase one of these popular car accessories and get greater visibility while you drive.
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If you’re less than gifted when it comes to parking, or want to peer into a precarious blind spot, a backup or rear view camera is a great addition to your car or truck (and much cheaper than buying a new auto that has one built in).

Since May 2018, new cars sold in the US have to have backup cameras built in under a federal regulation, to help drivers avoid accidents in which pedestrians are run over because a driver can’t see them when they are reversing. While older cars don’t need to be retrofitted with a camera, they are handy and can be super affordable too. 

How well do wireless backup cameras work?

Like with all technology, premium versions tend to offer more features than basic models. Backup cameras are designed to be installed easily, but you need to consider whether the one you like requires wires to be installed between the monitor and camera, as this can be a little tricky. It’s also important to check whether a device is compatible with your vehicle, where a camera will be placed, and whether you want features like night vision and loop recording. All these things will probably be determined by your budget, which is an important consideration, with the prices of backup cams varying wildly from $30 up to $300.

What is the best reverse parking camera?

We're so glad you asked. After hours of research, we've come up with the list of seven below. From our top pick (the Yada Digital Wireless Monitor) to our best budget option (the LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit), and lots more in between, here are our picks for the best backup cameras on the market right now.

The camera offers incredible bang for its buck and the fact it’s wireless and uses a digital signal is a big bonus.
The device’s wireless range may not be enough for large trucks or RVs, but for regular cars it should work fine.
The Bottom Line
This is a great kit at a relatively small investment. The Bluetooth capabilities and digital signal make it easier to install and the picture quality is decent.

1. Yada Digital 4.3-inch Wireless Monitor

A great kit for anyone who wants a good all-around cam that's super easy to install.
  • Video quality: 720p
  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
  • Viewing angle: 110 degrees
  • Special features: Weatherproof, night vision, parking assist
Yada Digital may not be a household name (yet), but it has a wide range of backup cams that are affordable and simple. The kit with a 4.3-inch monitor is a favorite for many as it’s easy to install and turns on automatically when you shift into reverse. There’s no wire between the camera and monitor, which instead relies on a 2.4G digital wireless signal, meaning less interference. The camera attaches next to your rear license plate and offers a 110-degree view of what’s going on behind you, which is enough to park safely. It’s got LEDs so you can see what you’re doing in the dark and is waterproof, as you might expect.
The monitor is a generous size and includes functions you wouldn't expect at this price point, like night vision.
Many reviewers criticize the poor instructions and describe the set-up process as long and tedious.
The Bottom Line
Perfect for someone in need of a backup camera but who doesn’t want to invest much money in the technology. It can be a pain to install, but once it's set up it does most things well.

2. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

A cheap and cheerful option that offers all the features you need, but it might take a while to install.
  • Video quality: 720p
  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Special features: Night vision, front view camera
If you just want to give a backup camera a go, the LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit is a steal. The camera connects to your car’s reverse lights and comes to life when your vehicle is in reverse gear. Alternatively, it can be powered via a 12v source fuse box or cigarette lighter for continuous use. Some reviewers have described fitting the system, where the camera and monitor are connected by a wire, as time-consuming and tedious, but praised the results in the end. The camera is designed to give a decent view of what’s behind you, with a 150-degree viewing angle, even in the pouring rain and at night. A 720p image will be displayed on the 4.3-inch monitor, which can be attached to your dashboard (but not the windshield depending on which state or country you’re driving in). It’s not the easiest to install, or the clearest, but if does offer a lot of bang for its buck.
Super simple to set up as there is no wiring involved, and voice commands make it easy to use too.
A compatible Garmin is required, making it a pretty pricey option if you haven’t already got one. You’ll also have to remember to replace the batteries every three months or so, and the mount isn’t the most secure.
The Bottom Line
This backup cam is great for people who already have a Garmin and want a device that’s incredibly easy to set up. If not, it could prove pricey.

3. Garmin BC 40

A feature-filled option for people who already have a Garmin and are looking for a super easy installation.
  • Video quality: 720p
  • Screen size: n/a
  • Viewing angle: 150 degrees
  • Special features: Completely wireless, weatherproof, voice commands
If you already have a Garmin, the BC 40 backup cam from the well-known company may be for you. The device is designed to work with a satellite navigation system, so unlike most other offerings, it doesn’t come with a screen or as part of a kit. But the sleek camera bar works without any wiring, making for a far simpler setup than other options. The camera just needs to be mounted on the rear of the vehicle with two AA batteries and it'll use the Garmin you already have to display what it sees. It's honestly so easy to set up, that it might even be worth getting the Garmin just to be able to use this. Features-wise, the backup cam has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, is rugged and waterproof to withstand the worst of road conditions, and can be controlled using voice commands. For example, users can simply say “show video” to see the rear view from the vehicle. 
An incredibly cheap camera that can tap into a screen already installed in your car, plus there's great customer service.
Requires careful installation and unlike other offerings, doesn’t come with a monitor.
The Bottom Line
If your main criteria for a backup cam is a tiny price, this one offers plenty of bang for its buck, but you’ll need a bit of know-how to set it up.

4. eRapta ERT01

Tunnels into your on-board system to everything you need for super cheap, just be prepared to spend some time installing it.
  • Video quality: Sharp (though no specifics are listed)
  • Screen size: n/a
  • Viewing angle: 149 degrees
  • Special features: Waterproof, night vision
You can’t buy much at this price, but eRapta’s ERT01 backup camera isn’t bad. The camera has a 149-degree viewing angle, which the company claims is ideal, plus a waterproof ring to keep water out when it’s positioned on the back of your car. Unlike pricier options, this camera has wires and needs to be carefully installed. It also doesn’t come with a monitor, but is instead designed to work with an in-car screen, so if you’re looking for a self-contained budget kit, this might not be the choice for you. Feature wise, this camera is rather basic, but does have LED lights so it can be used in the dark.
This camera is packed with pretty much every feature you could want.
Customers have complained that the instructions are quite basic and patience is needed to install it, but YouTube videos make the job simpler.
The Bottom Line
If you’re after a lot of features and don’t already have a dash cam, this kit will have you covered for parking and much more.

5. ToGuard 7-inch Backup Camera

More than a simple rear view camera, it acts more like a dash cam and is packed with features, but is tricky to install.
  • Video quality: 480p
  • Screen size: 7 inches
  • Viewing angle: 120 degrees
  • Special features: Dual cam views, loop recording, touchscreen, motion detecting, parking monitoring
The ToGuard seven-inch Backup Camera is more than a simple rear view camera, acting more like a dash cam. It has simultaneous recording in 1080p for the front camera and 480p for the rear, which can be used as a backup cam in conjunction with the 7-inch touch screen monitor that’s designed to hang from the rear view mirror. As well as helping you park, this device could prove handy in the event of an accident and can help monitor your car when it’s parked too. The rear cam is waterproof, has night vision, and will automatically switch on when you’re in gear. It looks pretty sleek but does require some nifty installation skills, as there are two wires to hide in your car. But if you’re willing to spend a bit of time and patience installing this device, it offers incredible value for the price.
This camera’s display is incredibly neat and it’s relatively easy to install, according to reviews.
The kit is on the pricier end, but it does offer lots of features.
The Bottom Line
If you’re after a super discrete backup camera kit, this one works well and has lots of features, including night vision.

6. Auto-Vox T1400

This display will fit onto your rearview mirror incredibly neatly and the kit offers lots of features with relatively easy installation.
  • Video quality: 720p
  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Special features: Wireless, waterproof, night vision
Auto-Vox’s T1400 backup camera is designed to hook onto the rear view mirror of most cars, trucks, and mini vans, making it a neater option than a dashboard monitor. The 4.3-inch display automatically adjusts brightness to avoid dazzling and glaring and connects wirelessly to the camera unit, which has a 170-degree viewing angle. The camera is equipped with six LED lights and a CMOS and digital image processor so users can see a detailed view of what’s behind their car at night. 
Has one of the largest screens of any backup cam as well as a whole load of dash-cam features.
If you already have a dash cam, this model is unnecessary and it also requires some careful installation.
The Bottom Line
A great choice for people who like big screens and loads of features, but if you already have a dash cam, a lot of bells and whistles will go to waste.

7. Auto-Vox X1 Mirror Dash Cam

A top pick for people who love big screens and lots of features, but it’s redundant for those who already have a dash cam.
  • Video quality: 720p
  • Screen size: 9.88 inches
  • Viewing angle: 140 degrees
  • Special features: Touch screen, night vision, loop recording, parking monitoring, GPS tagging
The Auto-Vox X1 Mirror Dash Cam is a great choice if size matters to you. The device, which is a dash cam that can also be used as a backup cam, has a large 9.88-inch touch screen, or media mirror as it’s called. Like many options, this one isn’t wireless and requires some careful installation. The rear camera switches on automatically when you shift into reverse gear and the rear view angle is lowered to show you a closer backup image while parking. With a 140-degree viewing angle you can see what’s behind you easily and it eliminates most of the blind spots without distorting what you see in real time on the screen. There’s loop recording, a parking monitor feature, and a GPS tracking system as you might expect with a good quality dash cam, making this a feature-packed solution for your car.

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